Updated Re-Mix
*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|17-11-2016 16:30:51| Ac Ac Lahanga EDM Dance Mix By Avijit(BNP) - (12.44 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|13-11-2016 01:09:30| Valo Lage Sudhu Tomake New Vocal Mix By Avijit - (8.70 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|06-11-2016 10:27:40| Bhojo Netai Gour Radhe Shaym Mix By Avijit - (10.29 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|02-11-2016 09:26:04| Best Competition Ever Mix By Avijit - (7.63 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|21-10-2016 07:50:52| Jhiri Jhiri Jol Poreche Electro Mix By Avijit - (10.47 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|26-07-2016 09:48:49| Ei jonome Tui Amer e Holi Fadu Mix By Avijit - (16.96 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|19-06-2016 12:53:05| Howrah Theke Satra Gachi Dholki Mix By Avijit - (8.19 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]

*Dj Avijit Mix∷*|22-05-2016 07:08:07| Main To Diwana Khorta Hit - (9.80 MB) [Added] (DjAvijitMix.IN) [Click Here]
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